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Marlan Warren is a free-lance publicist who promotes entertainers and book authors (Roadmap Communications and Book Publicity by Marlan, respectively). She is also a film maker (Roadmap Productions), Reiki Master/Teacher (Light Hands Reiki Studio and Institute), Screenwriter, Novelist, PhotoJournalist, Tai Chi practitioner. 


Book Title: 
DADLY Wisdom: Untold Stories That Represent the True Faces of Fatherhood
Author: Jennifer Karin Jordan
Publisher: Motivational Press (March 10, 2016)
ISBN-10: 1628652691 

ISBN-13: 978-1628652697
Paperback: 232 pages
Genre: Family Relationships
Brand: Hogan Hilling's DADLY Series

Available at Amazon
Author Website: Jennifer Karin Jordan Website
Facebook: DADLY Wisdom Facebook Page 

Author Contact: 
(562) 208-4869 / jenniferkj@charter.net

Jennifer K. Jordan welcomes interviews, and would be honored to read and speak at your event about the positive power of fatherhood and her 14-year transformative journey gathering stories for DADLY Wisdom.
 There isn’t just one way to be a father.—DADLY Wisdom
Summary: What becomes a father most? Wisdom. With this in mind, author Jennifer K. Jordan set out to honor her late father by gathering insights from dads. DADLY Wisdom marks the culmination of her 14-year journey, featuring over 50 of the 100 inspiring stories contributed by international dads. Join Jennifer on her quest to find fathers who represent humanity at its best.


DADLY Wisdom clears the undeserved/unfair stigma our culture created of fathers as inept, irresponsible, and absent parents in the last four decades. The dads’ stories in Jordan’s book also prove responsible, active fatherhood has always been alive and well all over the world.Hogan Hilling, Author of Dads Behaving Dadly & Founder of the DADLY Rally ["Hogan, America should take lessons from you!"--Oprah] 

What do a congressman, golfer, coach, minister, educator, artist and Holocaust survivor have in common? According to Jennifer K. Jordan: Fatherhood. Rarely has the search for the heart of fatherhood been so deeply and richly explored as it is in Jordan’s DADLY Wisdom. 
—Dr. William Younglove, Teacher Supervisor, California State University, Long Beach 

Impressive honesty, and a nearly anthropological study of what makes good fathers tick…If I were packing a Time Capsule, DADLY Wisdom would be one of the first items I'd put into it. For if the world should almost end in fire or ice, it would be nice to show future generations the good that men were once capable of doing.
—Midwest Book Review

Jennifer K. Jordan is a California-based author with a passion for celebrating the spiritual in our daily lives and educating others. She has worked extensively in the fields of teaching, counseling, writing and editing. Currently she is hard at work on her next book, which will focus on children’s health.


Hogan Hilling

Jennifer is pleased to announce she will be joining Hogan Hilling, author and promoter of the Dads Behaving Dadly series, as a participant in his July 16, 2016 Dadly Rally, and as spokesperson at the Amazing Mom Rally in Los Angeles at a date TBA.

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