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Marlan Warren is a free-lance publicist who promotes entertainers and book authors (Roadmap Communications and Book Publicity by Marlan, respectively). She is also a film maker (Roadmap Productions), Reiki Master/Teacher (Light Hands Reiki Studio and Institute), Screenwriter, Novelist, PhotoJournalist, Tai Chi practitioner. 


Today I am in awe of fathers. I smile every time I think of their love, commitment, and dedication to nurture, protect, educate, and provide for their children. The men in this book represent humanity at its best—men who love their children and honor their responsibilities with their families, profession, community and world-at-large. I love all these fathers, and they became a special group for me–a family of fathers united by the call and duty of being a father.
I wish you all blessings of DADLY Wisdom.

—Jennifer Jordan,
Adoring daughter and celebrator of fathers!
"There isn’t just one way to be a father."
—Pastor Bayless Conley, Cottonwood Church, California ("God in All")
"My father was our family spokesman, and he said, 'Listen up. You see the situation. Save yourself anyway you can, and tell the world what one human being can do to another.' This became my prayer day and night."—Bernard Sayone, Holocaust Survivor, Poland/U.S. ("Voice of Truth, Voice of Peace")

"It's incredible to see my heart in someone else's body."
—Gabriel Hall, California ("Yoga Dad")
"I tell my two daughters stories about what life was like in Afghanistan when I grew up. I know they have experienced so much freedom and abundance by being born in the U.S. But with that freedom comes a lot of responsibility, and I want my children to use this freedom in a healthy way."
—Abdullah Akbar Afghanistan/California ("A Man of Service")
"I view all my children as angels of God whom He has entrusted to my care."
—Darwin Bicknell, California ("Wisdom from a Stepdad")
"Fatherhood is indeed the Lord’s biggest gift, so it’s important to me to leave this company in better shape than when my father passed it on to me, and I trust that someday my boys will do the same with their kids. They are included in all the daily decisions."
—John Solheim, CEO, PING, Arizona ("All in the Golfing Family")
"I teach my kids to be honest, whether they are alone or someone is watching."
—Bob Gilder, PGA Golf Pro, Oregon ("Integrity")
"Having an ‘improv’ attitude keeps us from getting stuck in life’s twists and turns and takes us down roads we may never have traveled on purpose."
—Greg Atkins, South Coast Repertory Theatre Improv Coach ("Fatherhood and Life—Improv Style")
"It feels at times we are winging it from Day One!"
—Brian Hurnard, Australia ("Reflections on Fatherhood") 
"My hope is that none of my precious loved ones ever have to go through the hell of war that I did, and I work to educate others of this reality."—Jim Makino, California ("Go for Broke")
"I want my children to be free spirits who are closest to God and nature and connected to the vibrational force of the Earth."
—Paul Grenier, D.C., Wisconsin ("Natural Living")
"My father taught me the importance of giving back to the community."
—Hunt Harris, Illinois ("A Life of Giving Back")
"One of the wisest things a person can do is to open his home and heart to a child in need. After all, as my favorite bumper sticker says, 'Superman had foster parents.'"
—Reverend Scott Willsey, Iowa ("He Kept His Word and Changed Lives")
"My rocky road of incarceration in World War II has given me valuable, meaningful lessons. I pass on what I have learned to my two sons, who are now adults. I want them to respect others, to be responsible citizens, and to avoid such traps as drugs or alcohol."
—James Tanaka, Japanese American National Museum Docent, Los Angeles ("WWII Japanese-American War Relocation Center Survivor")
"I told my daughters that the best and most desirable trait in boys is respect for girls."
—Eluid Martinez, Ph.D. ("Celebrating Daughters")
"If my daughters come home from school and are upset that someone wasn’t nice to them, I tell them that it doesn’t matter what the other person thinks of them."
—Cain Credicott, Paleo Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Oregon ("Paleo Dad")
"Being a gay father makes no difference to my parenting...Fatherhood is
filled with challenges; in fact, it’s probably the hardest thing one
will ever do, but the most rewarding.
—Steve Monroney, Colorado ("Courage and Inspiration")
"Wise fathers would agree: Give your kids the best–a good mother."
—Ed Sewell, Ed.D., California ("Marry a Good Mother")

"Today let’s be people that others can count on."
—Jennifer K. Jordan, DADLY Wisdom

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